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PROFORM PVC is designed and built to allow you to wrap any protrusion with ease. Simply place your vinyl on top of the branded side of the PROFORM, heat to your liking, and place the protrusion between the forked ends, and form. This keeps tension on all sides, and allows you to form vinyl without fumbling from all angles to keep the vinyl glassed and protrusion from moving

  • PROSERIES PROFORM is 100% designed and built in the USA
  • The PROFORM helps in wrapping vinyl, when you don’t have a second set of hands
  • Single piece construction tool, no multi piece wood construction
  • Custom build from 3/4 PVC
  • PROFORM comes with Paint is Dead and PROSERIES Branding
  • The PVC PROFORM is the LIGHTEST weight protrusion tool on the market
  • The PROFORM works great for wrapping mirrors, handles, antennas, any protruding surface
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