PROSeries was created to bring life to the world of wrap tools.  Our name explains it all—this is a PROFESSIONAL SERIES tool line, with not only great function, but also amazing appeal.  When you install, we want your customer, co-wrappers, and friends alike to see an overall image that only a great-looking tool could provide.


PROSeries is excited to bring the first custom line of tools to market, and we look forward to growing with your support!  If you like what you’ve seen so far from PROSeries, just wait… the best is yet to come!


In an industry where image is everything, and everything you do is custom, why create art with a bland tool? Tools are an extension of the installer, and a way to showcase their own flair and individualism. PROSeries has changed the way we see tools and has worked to not only bring you tools that work but also look good doing so.

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